tutorial on creating piste map in garmin with mapcomposer

First of all, excuse me for writing English in a german subforum. My Deutsch writing is not that good…

I want to export the maps (in osmarender style) including piste tracks to my garmin oregon 300. I found mapcomposer and am able to generate the map for garmin, it displays well.
Unfortunately, the pistes are not shown. I investigated the exported map.osm file (xml) and found the piste tags.
From here, i am lost :slight_smile: I know i have to tell mapcomposer in some way to translate the tag information in the xml file to a red,blue or black polyline on the garmin map. but i can not find the information how to do that.
So, i am looking for an explanation or tutorial on how the use and interpret the xml tags in mapcomposer. Can anyone point me in some direction?

Thanks guys

There is a manual at http://composer.waldpfa.de/ but it’s German.

One not so obvious hint: In the default settings, piste tags are ignored. You need to remove them from the ignore filter list.


Some time ago, I created a simple piste map for Garmin, and posted a description at http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=14000
I did not use mapcomposer, but splitter, mkgmap, and gmt. Download http://www.berniesmaps.de/Ski_Fichtelgebirge.zip and look at the scripts (*.bat files) and the style files contained therein. Execute the script _3_MakeGarminMap.bat to create the gmapsupp.img file, which you have to copy to your Garmin; but you can view the map before with QLandkarte.


Thank you for your help so far.
I followed your lead, Nop, and studied part of the manual (as a Dutchie I can read German, only writing is very difficult for me, and subsequent reading for you is difficult as well :slight_smile: ).

I also found a thread http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=13948, where hedu shows a step by step attempt to add pistes to a garmin map, altough partially succesfull.

  • I unselected the ‘piste’ tag from the Ignore list
  • I used a free Garmin polyline ID 0E for blue piste (let’s just start with only one piste tag…)
  • I added a Renderregel and checked for multiple links to the ID (found none). As already mentioned by tippeltappel in the same thread, the exact tag is ‘piste:difficulty’ and a ‘:’ is used. It is the only line in the Renderregeln that has a ‘:’…

After hitting the MapComposer ‘Generieren’ button, the log shows:
Starting map generation
Testing Mapsource
Removing MapSource registry values
calling Registry remove
Registry remove done
Saving table Settings
Saving table GarminItem
Saving table MapItem
Saving table ConvertRule
Saving table ConvertAction
Saving table IDManager
=> Rendering rule for pass-through tag piste:difficulty=easy <=
Generation finished
Saving table Settings
Saving table Outline
Saving table IDManager

The indicated line shows in red and informs that the pass-through tag ‘piste:difficulty’ tag somehow has an error. Is there something wrong in my (and hedu’s) approach?