Tuscany REgion (ITALY) topographic map by WMS in JOSM

I tried to view the topographic map 1:10.000 of Tuscany Region (centre of Italy) by WMS protocol in JOSM but I couldn’t, on the other hand it’s possible by means of QGis.
THe address is:
JOSM reply “Could not parse WMS layer list”.
Can anybody help me?

Marco (Italy)

Maybe you can try by taking away everything after the question mark.


It doesn’t work :(.

You can have a try with this


It returns the GetCapabilities document (save it on disk and open with a text editor to view it) but the service seems to be made for Inspire download services and there are some uncommon elements. OpenJUMP also reports that XML is not valid because of some unbound element.

Reading the content of your document wms.aspx I found this string:

I tried and it and it works!!!
Thank you