Turning loop node vs way

Hi there
I’ve added a turning loop element to the map, and entered it as a closed way as instructed here:

however the editor is telling me it should be a node, and when I look again at the help page above, it does indeed say these features should be used on nodes but not ways. Should the help page be updated, or should I redraw as a node?

Hi, The page you refer to says under “How to map” that “There are two methods for mapping a turning loop, either of which is valid” For your Way: 1053090987 you’ve drawn and tagged it correctly as per the second described method. I would only query if the turn loop is oneway. Your mapping is correct and doesn’t need to be changed.

The help page seems to be biased towards only the first method as is the iD editor. You are allowed to edit the wiki page if you wish.

My understanding of the wiki:
If you draw a way to map a turning loop the highway tag has to be the same as for the rest of the road. It doesn’t say that in words, but the highway=* means this.
So it is quite simple: Never use highway=turning_loop on a way.

The wiki is very clear. The tag highway=turning_loop cannot be used on ways.
The object “turning loop” can be mapped in two ways, but only one way allows the tag highway=turning_loop.