Turn off display of mountain icons.

When zoomed out in Mapsource the map is covered little blue and white mountain icons that obscure the map. Is it possible to turn these off?

Try changing the detail level.

Did that. Depending on the zoom they will go away, but only at a low level of detail that doesn’t provide useful map information. For my purposes in Mapsource, the mountain icons serve no purpose and only interfere with using the map.

It would be helpful to be able to turn them off, or filter them out of the map data, perhaps as a selectable option prior to downloading the maps.

That won’t be possible. Technically: probably. Feasible within known constraints: no.

The best way is probably to make or get yourself a stylesheet definition file (TYP) that doesn’t render the mountains, combine it with the maps and move it to your gps device. There are many howto’s and examples on the internet.

Hi Lambertus. Thanks for the response. I’ll check in the stylesheets.

You can try the “mapnik” typ file: http://mijndev.openstreetmap.nl/~ligfietser/diverse/mapnik.TYP
See more here http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=10032

In the default styles, the mountain peaks are defined with Garmin type 0x6616 (i dont know if it has a custom icon or not)
If so, and you don’t like the symbol, you can adapt it with the online typ file editor http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp/editor.cgi
If there isnt defined a custom icon in the typ file for those peaks, it uses the standard Garmin type. In that case you can make a new poi symbol type 6616 without an icon.

for your information the Mapnik typ includes a peak:
;POI starts at &65EC
DayXpm=“8 8 2 1” Colormode=16
“0 c #000000” alpha=15
“1 c #D08F55” alpha=0


A tiny modest one :wink: