Tunisia Data


I worked for 5 years on my own Tunisia Map. ( see http://gps.4x4travel.org ) Now, I will stopp this project and contribute all the data to OSM!

The map contains 3383 tracks and 1262 Waypoints. The whole data are free. (collected gps tracks from many Tunisian travellers (4x4 and bike).


a) Can I upload the tracks in one step [converted to .gpx tracks]?
b) There are many tracks which are already on the OSM Tunisia map. What is the best way to solve this “problem”?
c) What about the waypoints (my map contains many different points such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.) What is the best way to upload my waypoints with the correct poi type?


First of all, welcome to OSM and thanks for supporting the project.
OSM does not automatically create vector data from gpx tracks, instead uploaded gpx data is used as background image to draw over it with a map editor like Potlatch (the “Edit” tab on the project website) or JOSM (java based desktop application).
Probably the best way of getting your data in without creating conflicts with data already existing in OSM would be to make your raw data available for download, split into manageable pieces (i.e. not all data in one file, but pieces that can be integrated in one hour of work or so) and creating a list of available files on the osm wiki. Users could then fetch one of the files, mark it on the wiki page as being processed by them and integrate it using their preferred editor.
Best starting point for finding users working on the map of Tunisia would be the wiki project page for Tunisia at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Tunisia

I can split the file, but I can’t upload 3383 tracks to the server. Why not upload the whole file - after that the tracks should be visible for all and the users can convert the tracks (which are not on the OSM) map to streets?

What about the waypoints?


Ps: there ist only 1 person on the OSM tunisia project? http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Tunisia