Trying to get some people to join the project.


There are many folks on Israeli cycling forums (Tapuz and sorts) that ask about Israeli maps for their Garmin GPSs.
I thought it was about time we forwarded them to this project and maybe get them to be involved.

So I added a page to my (humble) website that explains, shortly and simply, what is OSM and how they can use it (And contribute).

Bear in mind, it’s a work in progress - link

Mr. Israel - Sorry again, but it’s in Hebrew for the sake of making it easier for the common people to read. :slight_smile:

P.S - Any suggestions and Tips are gladly accepted.


Actually I love the logo in the top left :slight_smile:

I get that a lot :slight_smile:

This is a very good start!

Maybe, instead of the cloudmade download, which would show “?? ??? ?” instead of English,
use a different download link?

I haven’t followed the Velik efforts, but maybe they got over their initial problems?