Trying to figure out why venue keeps showing up in the wrong place

Hi all,

I’m volunteering for a city council campaign in Oakland, CA. We’re using Action Network, which uses OpenStreetMaps for events. But for this campaign kickoff event (happening this Saturday), the placement on the map is incorrect:

I’ve gone into OpenStreetMaps and put in the actual restaurant as a point on the map. And I’ve checked the location where the point is currently (not the actual restaurant’s location) and I don’t see any point there that I can edit.

Any tips?

I don’t know how to check answers to this, so could you email me at

Thank you!!


(waring technical analysis) you add in the function a address

var address = \"3009 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94602\";
// geocode the address
geocoder.query(address, showMap);

and call the map. The geocoder of map box knows only the coordinates of street.
(end of the technical analysis)

If you use OSM Nominatim you find the node (added before 24h).
The map box geocoder don’t use the production database of OSM, he use a copy.
As soon as he is informed of this change, he also shows the correct position.
If you don’t want to wait that long, check the possibility to enter the geocoordinate directly.