Trip to Canada + handheld GPS... but no clue!

Hi everyone,

just bought a Garmin Etrex Legend device- never had a GPS before. I got it for hiking and biking in Germany, however, I’m going to Canada (British Columbia) next week and thought about taking the GPS along as we’ll be driving around a lot and it might come in handy. Now… I haven’t got the slightest clue about how to get some sort of B.C. software on the device and I won’t have enough time to figure it out by “trial and error” during the next days (very busy). So is there any chance someone could explain to me on a super newbie level how to download the appropriate maps and how to operate that thing? I’d be so grateful… this is all totally new to me, but I’m a quick learner, promise!

Best, Iris

If you don’t mind a bit of markup (for ‘needs work’ road highlighting), there’s the Cloudmade version of images for BC -

I don’t think that will allow routing however.

Can you clarify which model of eTrex Legend it is?
Is it the original eTrex Legend or Legend H, with black and white screen, or one of the newer colour screen models eg the Legend C or Legend HCx etc?
And does it have a slot for a microSD memory card, and do you have one of these?

The versions that take memory cards are easier to install OSM maps on.

Sorry, it’s a Legend HCx with a slot for microSD. I do have one (2GB).

OK, this is what I would recommend:
Go to this website:
Select the tiles for the area you want, enter your email address, and click “Build maps”.
You will be emailed a link with several options to download the map. The one you want is the “” file, so download it, and unzip the gmapsupp.img file.
Then you need to copy this file to the microSD card.
You can do this by putting the microSD card in a USB card reader, or you can connect the eTrex to your PC with the USB cable, and put it in USB Mass Storage mode (on Main menu → Setup → Interface).
Then create a folder on the card called “Garmin”, and copy the gmapsupp.img file to this folder.

Then put the card in the eTrex, and switch it on, and map should be loaded. You should be able to scroll to the right place, and zoom in on it, to check its there.

Thanx, that sounds doable. Will try when I get home, will report.