Tree Service (trimming, cutting) POI Tagging

How am I supposed to correctly mark a Tree Service such as [REMOVED] in Creston Iowa? Looking at other tree trimming/cutting services I see on OsmAnd it seems like tree services just get marked however the person mapping decides at the time.

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I’m thinking that something under craft= may be best? Key:craft - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Wiki does suggest Tag:craft=gardener - OpenStreetMap Wiki for “Workplace or office of a garden designer or a landscape gardener” which could be stretched to include tree services?

It’s definitely not be a wide-spread thing: craft | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo, but maybe creating a new tag of craft=tree_services would be best.

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Alright, and what about the feature type? I personally feel like there should be a feature type to accompany this tag as it would make it easier for people in the Midwest to search for. Tree service is a very common thing/term in these parts and as such is a feature type on Google Maps.

Sorry, but by “feature type”, do you mean how will it appear on the map?

Best you’re likely to get there is a dot with the business name against it.

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OSM isn’t a business directory, so “work from home” businesses tend not to be included.

If the business has an office, you can map that; if it has some sort of yard or other premises you can map that too.


The standard description for such services in the UK is “tree surgeon”, although basic trimming of hedges and so forth is probably just a gardening service (so the other craft tags may be appropriate). There is just one instance of craft=tree_surgeon though.

All the one’s I know tend to work from home (no offices), but I imagine most have some kind of yard to safely store equipment, chipping machines and off-products such as chippings, cut wood and brash from their services. This could be as simple as an extended driveway at their home.


This place I’m trying to mark would be where he stores all of his equipment as well as it being an office and temporary home he can stay at if necessary. It’s probably a unique situation and I’ll start tagging tree services as offices like @SomeoneElse said with the craft tags tree_service, tree_services, and tree_surgeon in hopes this becomes the standard way to mark these locations.

Please just use one tag though, not all 3!

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