Translation Help - Water tower styles

could someone help with some translation in this discussion?
As far as I understand the automatic translation, sowa1980 wants to add the style / type of water towers. This sounds perfectly fine and should be in a tag like “water_tower”, “water_tower:type”, “water_tower:construction” or “water_tower:architect”.

Unfortunately he used “project:author” - which is not at all related to what he wants to tag. And it looks a lot like the usual spam added by many people who either want to have their own name on the objects or don’t understand the concept of changeset comments.

Could you help by explaining that all it’s about is the poor choice of the key?

Thank you very much!

Интересно - нужна ли вообще в базе информация о конструкторе объекта?
Вот в данном случае именем изобретателя назван тип башни, тип однозначно нужен.
Но объект может быть уникальным (к примеру, туалет у кого-то на участке).
Так ли важно для карты кто его создал?

Если это единственная мотивация для добавления объекта, почему нет.