Translated versions of wiki page about map features

It is great that the page exists in many languages. However, to me it seems a bit of a problem that they contain country specific mapping instructions I sometimes do not understand, like e.g.

  • In Germany, do not use mini_roundabout (ok)
  • In Spain, primary roads have orange signs, secondary green, tertiary yellow (ok)
  • In Croatia, it is suggested/discussed that D1-D70 are mapped as primary roads, D100-D534 as secondary (ok?), and tertiary roads “sve županijske ceste i sve lokalne ceste, općenito one koje povezuju manje gradove i sela” (???)

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have these local exceptions translated into English? Or is the information available somewhere else and I just haven’t found it yet? If someone capable of Croatian language should be around, I’d be grateful for a hint what the text in the last example above means, too.

BTW, what implication has an ongoing discussion? Is it ok to map roads as suggested or should they temporarily be tagged as road (i.e. unknown classification)?