Transferring Routes to Garmin Oregon 650

I’m trying to use the OFM Europe map to create routes in Basecamp, and use those routes on my Garmin Oregon 650.

I’ve downloaded and installed the Windows OFM Europe map successfully. I also downloaded the OFM Europe Garmin map, however I don’t have sufficient space on the Garmin to use it directly (2.6Gb). Instead I used Basecamp (MapInstall) to install just the map areas I need (Uk only) onto the 650. This appeared to work fine, I can see the maps on the Garmin and having checked them with JaVaWa, I can see they have the same name and Family ID as the maps in Basecamp. However, if I create routes in BC then transfer them to the 650, BC complains that the maps don’t exist on the 650 and the routes will need to be recalculated. I tried to make the Garmin map “visible” in BC using JaVaWa, but this just resulted in 2 versions of the Euro map being available in BC. I’m confused about the best way to achieve what I want, or even if what I want is actually possible ?!?

I’m not sure what is the cause why BC is complaining. I dont think it will hurt if BC sees two versions of the Euro map, so you only need to figure out which map is the pc version and which one is on your GPS. With Javawa Device manager you can give the GPS map a different name to distinguish them. If you make your route on the “GPS version” in BC I think this should be fine?
But why dont you use a big micro SD card? They dont cost too much nowadays (10 euro for 16 gb).

The SD card contains a Garmin Ordnance Survey map product, and licensing prevents this from working if the maps are just copied to another card :frowning:

Can anyone confirm that if the downloaded OFM Garmin map is installed onto the GPS, then routes can be sent from BC to the device without being recalculated?

On my Oregon 600 I can switch recalculation off