Transfer of maps from map source to device fails

Hello, yesterday I’ve received my first GPS (etrex legend HCx). Now I’m looking on the internet for maps to load onto the device. I have downloaded several maps via the OSM site. These maps I can look into via mapsource perfectly, but when I try to transfer a selected map to my etrex, something goes wrong. Ireceive an error message and the device reboots.

I get the message like this, “The GPS has returned an error status while receiving data packets this could be due a malfunction in the GPS or in the application”.

Does anyone have an idea what goes wrong. Am I doing something wrong?? Thanks for your help.

I’m assuming you have a memory card in the HCx for the maps to be installed on to. Assuming you do then I’d try using the using the memory card in a card reader on the computer and copying a GMAPSUPP.IMG file on to the memory card (they go in the GARMIN folder which is off the root of the card). This cuts out mapsource (which might be the source of the error) and means the transfer should be much faster (the eTrex is only USB 1 wherese a card read is probably USB 2).

If doing it this way works then you can start to explore in more detail what might be wrong.

I even more lost- I have garmin 60csx
I had open street create a series of files-see below
[TXT] map.nsi 17-Jul-2009 05:12 3.4K
[ ] mkgmap.version 17-Jul-2009 05:12 5
[ ] 17-Jul-2009 05:12 8.6M
[ ] osm_routable_mapsource.exe 17-Jul-2009 05:12 7.8M
[ ] 17-Jul-2009 05:12 8.5M
[ ] requested.tiles 17-Jul-2009 05:12 13
[ ] requested.time 17-Jul-2009 05:12 20

I downloaded the and osm_routable_mapsource.exe
and i can’t get anything to look like a map?
Should I be able to drag/copy a .img file to my gps?

If you have a Garmin GPS with micro-SD card then you can transfer the map directly onto the SD-card. This can be done in two ways:

  • Put the SD-card in a SD-card reader of your PC
  • Connect the GPS with the PC using the USB cable and activate the USB transfer mode on the GPS. You should see a new removable media drive appearing in your operating system.
    Then extract the gmapsupp.img from the file and copy it to [SD-card]:/garmin/gmapsupp.img

You can install the map in MapSource using the osm_routable_mapsource.exe. Doubleclick the exe and follow the instructions (just click next until the installer finishes). Start MapSource and select the map using the drop-down box in the menubar of MapSource. Read the MapSource manual how to copy map sections to your GPS.

Installing the map in Roadtrip (aka MapSource for Mac OSX) follows roughly the same procedure as installing the map for MapSource, just use the file as the source this time.