Tranparent trail map of Israel?

Anybody knows of a transparent OSM-based map containing paths and tracks of Israel?
I’d like to use it as a raster layer on a satellite image.
There is this one:
But the brown thin paths are barely visible.

Hey Valley,

What do you use to view Vector Maps on top of Raster?

Actually I am viewing transparent raster maps on top of raster base layers using mobile atlas creator (MOBAC).
Explanation here:
I’m sure other applications (OKmap?, maperitive?) can deal with vectors, but I have no experience in this.

I’m working on such a project using Maperative.

Here is a snapshot of the trails layer on top of the OSM Mapnik base map:

The transparent layer can then be used as you wish.

In this project, I’m trying to create the usual annotation for trails:

  • Draw the lines in the the colors of the trails, as taken from either the “colour” tag of the way or the “osmc:symbol” tag of the route/trail relation
  • The Israel Trail is drawn as a semi-transparent orange background, as seen in the lower left corner of the snapshot

In addition it uses

  • Single dashes for walking trails: “highway” tag is one of path, cycleway, footway
  • Double solid lines for high grade tracks: “tracktype” tag is one of grade1,grade2
  • Double dashes for all other tracks

I would appreciate feedback on the criteria above, as the Hiking & Biking trails section of the WikiProject Israel page does not directly address the trail classification subject.

If you are interested in collaborating, please let me know.

@zstadler: this is so great that you are working on this, I would like to contribute if possible (I have some prior experience with Maperitive)

Seems to me correct. Perhaps you should add “highway=service” to the criteria for double solid lines.


@dimka: You are right. The criteria for double solid lines - i.e., trails good for any vehicle - should be broader.

I thought of:

  • Single dashes for walking trails: “highway” tag is one of “path”, “cycleway”, “footway”
  • Double dashes for 4wd vehicles: “highway=track” and “tracktype” is either undefined, “grade3”, “grade4”, or “grade5”
  • Double solid lines for any vehicle: all other highways

Can you please share your Maperitive definitions?

The following rule set was tested with Maperitive v2.3.13
Please post your comments and improvements here or send me a PM.

// Maperitive rendering rule set for Israeli Trail maps. The map style resembles 
// that of paper hiking maps produced by the Israel Trail Committee.

// Created by Zeev Stadler 
// Email:
// Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (

// TODO (stuff still missing, will be added soon)
// Israel Trail
// Regional Trails

		trail : relation[type=route route=hiking].way[colour]

	curved : true
	text-halo-width : 30%
	text-halo-opacity : 0.75
	target : trail

        // Legend:
        // Single dash: walking trail
        // Double dash: 4 wheel drive accessible trail
        // Double solid: all vehicles

		for  :  @isOneOf(highway, path, cycleway, footway)
                        // Single dash: walking trail
				line-width : 2
				line-style : dash
				border-style : none
                        // Double dash or solid
				line-width : 1.5
				line-offset : 15.5:1.5;15.6:2
				line-offset-sides : both

			for : highway=track AND NOT @isOneOf(tracktype,grade1,grade2)
                                // Double dash: 4 wheel drive accessible trail
					line-style : dash
                                // Double solid: all vehicles
					line-style : solid

		for : colour=red 
				line-color : red
		elsefor : colour=green
				line-color : green
		elsefor : colour=blue
				line-color : blue
		elsefor : colour=black
				line-color : black
				line-color : black white 30%
				line-width : 1
				//line-opacity : 0.5

		draw : line

While Zeev and Harel are working on this, there are these tiles from mapquest.