Train protection safety systems naming standard?


I have started to improve the data on the Danish railway network. Despite some initial troubles and mistakes, I have begun to do some good progress. Unfortunately, I have reached an issue with train protection systems. It is defined that the Danish train protection system should be tagged as ZUB123 (the technical name), not ATC (the common name). What confuses me is that Sweden tags their system ATC (the common name) rather than Ebicab700 (the technical name). Why is there this inconsistency? And why has it not been resolved since the last discussion on the mailing list about it two years ago? Is there anything I can do to help the change, or is it a lost cause now?

There are also a few other train protection systems in Denmark. They are called ATP, ATC (not the same as ATC (DK) or ATC (SE)… Confusing I know), ATC-Togstop (simplified ATC (DK). Assuming I can find the technical name (e.g. ZUB123 for ATC (DK)), how would I go around adding the tag to the affected railways?

Thanks, Matias