Trail in Italy - Vertikala SPDT

Hi, I’m an Italian OSM mapper.
I have a question about a trail mapped in Italy but with Slovenian references.
This is one of the trails:
But there are other trails that refer to “Vertikala SPDT”.
I have personally walked various sections of the trail, but have never found any signs or symbols drawn on trees or on the ground refer to “Vertikala SPDT”…
The trails is shown on the web site “Waymarked Trails” in a rather invasive way with respect to the official CAI trails (Club Alpino Italiano trails) sites. All CAI trails are marked with official signs.
My question is this: do you think this is a trails that needs to be maintained? Or modified? Or eliminated?


“Vertikala SPDT” is a hiking route designed by SPDT (Slovensko planinsko društvo Trst;, the page is both in Slovene and Italian, however they appear to be more active on their Facebook page), officially opened in 1975. It was marked (in nature) in the years before opening, and on the year of opening a bookled was published describing the route. I do have the book and I can confirm that it exists :slight_smile:

The route goes from Tarvisio/Trbiž to Val Rosandra/Dolina Glinščice, and is split in several sections (e.g., the one in the hills above Trieste is called “Pot Zorka Jelinčiča”). I’ve hiked some fragments of it and the markings are indeed not (well) maintained. I saw some blue markings on rocks and trees above Trieste, though.

Instead of removing it I believe it would be better to leave it in the map and mark it as unmaintained or unmarked.

Many thanks for answer.

Do you mean that there were signs drawn on trees or rocks or something like that?

Do you mean that these markers were present on the various SPDT trails in Italy? (currently, the total length of the SPDT trails in Italy is very long: many tens of km, perhaps hundreds of km)

Are you sure the blue marks on the trees or rocks were referring to SPDT?
In many cases I have seen blue marks on the trees or rocks, but often they are made for other purposes, for example, sometimes they are related to the forest registry.

Yes, I think the best thing is to remove the marker, or rather, I thought to modify osmc: symbol=* and set disused:osmc:symbol=*

Hello Everybody,

About 2 years ago, following some suggestions, I found symbol on a rock near the Doberdob hamlet and somewhere else I don’t remember anymore :-(. I can confirm they were unmaintained (rather discolored) and hard to spot. On 18th jan I wrote to the email contact but I didn’t receive any reply yet.

My suggestion is wait for some feedback from facebook channel. In case no replies, I’d prepend “unmantained” or “disused” to relation(s) involved.

I mapped “Vertikala SPDT” some years ago by the book. Since I was Guide AAS years ago, it’s still on my TODO to walk whole trail (not just 5th part witch is well trailblased) and also to “reblase” since I was Marker AAS too. But we have COVID19 situation and this will have to wait a bit more.

Some photos of blazes on mapillary:

I personally walked various paths of the parts:
II don’t remember ever having seen signs or draw referable to “Vertikala SPDT”.
I’d like to know:

  • For the parts 1, 2, 3, are there any real signs or drawing?
  • For the parts 1, 2, 3, have you ever planted or paint any signs?