Trail blazed by poles


there are plenty of routes in Czech mountains Krkonose and other which are marked by plane poles … this very convenient marking which works well in summer and especially in winter.
I would like to map this marking as this is very important navigation feature for hikers and especially winter tourist ski mountaineers and nordic skiers.

How this trails should be mapped?
As suggested on Czech mailing list they could be mapped as traiblazed=yes
But this is not specific how trail is marked.

thank you for advice


I always wondered what the cover of represented…

I tend to map things like this as “tourism=information; information=something” where “something” is the most appropriate value from . If nothing else matches, “information=route_marker” would work.

I also tend to add route markers to the route relation, although that’s less common. See for example , which has some unusual route markers on it, such as .

This make sense if these markes having permanent position and they number is rather smaller.
But these poles can slightly change position every year by repairing or improving marking ( but still lead by path ) and also their number over a mountains is huge.
Next problem could be that at certain zoom level these poles coud be too dense or sparse.
I would like rather tagged path which is marked by poles if possible.

Final map path can look like this than if if appropriate symbol will be added … red crosses marks here path with poles.

Exist such a way?


Maybe something like trailblazed=poles trailblazed=cairns ?
If such tag would exist …


I didn’t found any satisfying way to tag path marked with poles or cairns so I am thinking to propose new features trailblazed=poles trailblazed=cairns
Is it good idea or are there some objections? Never done this before so pls advice me

best regards



I am just proposing two new features trailblazed=poles and traiblazed=cairns;cairns

On mailing list “Tagging” is ongoing discussion on this topic already.

In the case somebody here is interested to join it :wink: