traffic simulation based on OSM data?

Hi All,

I’m using OSM map data combined with some intelligent agents researching into vehicle convoys. I only recently shifted to being based on OSM data, and its made my simulations much richer, so now I’m interested in adding some traffic into the situation, to test the convoy performance further. At the moment there are just 4 vehicles following each other, publishing their positions out via XMPP messages, which on another computer is picked up and displayed in a 3D view.

I’ve had a look at SUMO and VanetMobiSim, which are the only two I’ve seen that seem based on OSM data. The problem is, I really need opensource stuff, and I can only find old code of VanetMobiSim rather than the recent release which works with my OSM map data and looks good. For SUMO, I’ve got the code, but ideally Java would be easier for me, as I need to integrate the XMPP messaging side.

So, I wondered if there were any other traffic/vehicle sim packages out there people may have heard of using OSM map data?

Thanks for any leads!

all known stuff is collected at the OSM wiki about