Traffic sign "All vehicles prohibitted" with supplementary plate


I have been wondering how to properly tag an “All vehicles prohibitted” traffic sign with supplementary plate saying “Does not apply to vehicles authorized by Municipality of Benešov”. I have been playing around with Conditional restrictions and came up with this one:

vehicle:conditional=yes @ permit_holder

where permit_holder is used as Condition (User group)

or this one (probably more in line with Wiki):


where permit_holder is used as Restriction-value

I would like to also include the detailed description of the permit somehow, but not sure how :slight_smile:

Thx a lot for your kind advice.

I would use the one at the top.

As for the details, there is no tag for that yet. You could add a note-tag. This is not used by any application, but at least the information is not lost. Keep in mind that the maximum length for a value is 255 characters.

vechile=private should do the jobe.
Also note that

, so using description= is better choice.