Traffic data (hourly) for some simulations


I’m trying to get some data about traffic (number of cars per hour is enough).
I’ve downloaded osm.pbf file (from “”) for my country and imported it to postgres and also tried using osmosis to search for some useful information, but it seems like there’s none. I found out that there should be key: “traffic:hourly” for example, which could be what I’m searching for, but I didn’t find it in that files (i tried osmosis with "–tf accept-ways traffic:hourly=*, but there is no result).
And the question is:
-is there any traffic data to use?
-maybe there are some cameras (along speedways or something)
-maybe my pbf file dosen’t contain such informations and I should download something else or use another tool

I’m trying to run some simulation based on traffic data in Java.
It’s my first contact with this subject, so I feel a little bit lost :confused:

OSM doesn’t contain traffic information. The data we record is generally for permanent or semi-permanent objects and attributes. Traffic data is too transient. The data should also be verifiable, but traffic data will vary for each contributor that records it. It just isn’t suitable for the OSM database.

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There could be a tag “traffic:*” but if you check it’s not heavily used. If you look at it is ment as an additional information for improving route calculations.