Tracks in Poland

Apologies if this has been asked before. I’m in Poland and doing a lot of hiking. I see on Openstreetmap that there are lots of Tracks marked on the map, both in forests and on the fields, ie
Are these publicly accessible, like in the UK, or just to signify there’s a track with no reference to whether the public has access?



Hi Mike and welcome to Poland!

The tracks are usually publicly accessible unless there is a clear restriction in access=* tag.
Please note that there may be some temporary restrictions like danger of fire or tree cutting so watch out for signs in terrain.

Thanks Szydzio

For hiker such roads should be accessible. If it is not accessible and not tagged with access/foot tag and it is not some temporary thing (like tree cutting etc), then it is a tagging mistake that should be fixed or at least reported.

“Are these publicly accessible, like in the UK” - note that Poland has no “Right of way” in the same way as in UK. So most of higway=track may suddenly become inaccessible and blocked.