tracking using openstreetmaps

I am developing a web based real-time vehicle tracking system. The GPS device installed in the vehicle frequently transmits the details which include the lat/lon of the vehicle to a database server. I need to fetch that lat/lon position from the database to display the position of the vehicle in the openstreet map. So the user can see the current position and details regarding his vehicle. I need to know how can I do this using openstreetmaps. If so how? Pls help me.
If u don’t understand what I mean pls let me know.

Rahul R

Did you ever had a look into the OpenStreetMap-Wiki for all the existing programs that can display or even navigate with the OSM data?

If there is one program that fits your requirements, let us know to give you more hints.

yes I had gone through all the programs I got from openstreetmaps . I need to display the vehicles of a particular user in the specified lat/lon on the map . The position should be change as per the new lat/lon fetched from the database.

Ofcourse you can use OSM for this, but you real question is how to use OpenLayers properly to place a marker on the map showing the vehicle position and update that position every now and then. Have a look at the website’s javascript source code. It does most of the things you want already.