Tracking, localization safari ios14

unfortunately I found no help with Google or by searching the help sites or the forum.
I like Openstreetmap especially for hiking.
Yesterday I needed to use it, but until now I wasn’t able to localize / track my position.
I used Safari and Firefox (iOS 14.2) for trying and I enabled localization for both apps in preferences.

Thank you for your help!


Have you checked the following?
Have you checked if your GPS signal was functioning properly on other apps?
Did you have a good signal?
If you did use a specific App, did you give the location permission to it?

Please note that OpenStreetMap (I assume you mean the website) can only show you what your phone provides. So either there wasn’t a good signal or there were checks missing allowing it use your location.

Localization in other apps, i.e. Google Maps and Apple Maps works properly and accurately. I also just tried Google Maps in Safari and it works without a problem.
I just tested it in once more and now it works. I had the feeling it worked, because I used the Google Maps website beforehand.

So I just tried the following twice and it reassures my assumption:
I close Safari and then relaunch it. Next I try to locate myself in and it does not work. I switch to, locate myself successfully and then I go back to and now it also works.
But whenever I close Safari and only try to access, my localisation won’t work.