Tracking, Biking, Hiking Software for S60v3?

As I noticed, the OSM gut really well now. The big advantige to all the maps of the navigation sets you can buy is that OSM also includes routes for bikes and hiking routes.

But is there any good software that runs on a Nokia E71? Unfortuntately there is no category for Symbian, but that phone should also be able to run Java-Software. But Java-Software often is not very intuitive and makes problems, so maybe some can recommend me tolls that can route you for hiking and biking, and maybe something that is for following existing trails (in kml, gpx-files).

Any good software there? Thanks.

By the way I found ape@map written on the site as being Freeware, but it is not.

have a look at MapNav. Its a java-program, but I’ve read in a german thread, its genious and works well on symbian.

Have you already been looking in the OSM wiki more deeply?

There is , ,

and also with the big table → sort the column “Platform” by clicking on it.

Maybe you have to try any compatible application, and when you found one that comes near your target, tell us :wink:

Yes, but 95% of these Java software are really really horrible, so that’s why I ask for some recommendations.

Thanks, this looks promising but has the typical Java flaws. Opening existing files is difficult, for KML ist doesn’t even show a folder, for Tracks and Waypoints I have to enter the full path but it won’t opan anything.

Ok so MapNav does not really work. Any other suggestions?

I can suggest GpsMid. It does offline routing for cars, bikes and foot and you can display GPX tracks that you have imported. It is a Java program too though and so I’ll let you decide if it also suffers the “typical Java flaws”, as I might be considered a bit biased on that :wink: But I would say it might not be as polished as some iPhone apps, but instead rather more functional.

Does not work: “Invalid .jar-File”. :frowning:

Please tell us what version of osm2gpsmid you are using … or did you download a prebuilt version with a map within of gpsmid?

When you have generated gpsmid.jar on your own, tell us exactly your steps so that we can reproduce and find the error …

What is the file size of gpsmid.jar and is there a limitation on your phone about the size of a jar to execute ??

(There is even a solution to use bigger maps with it.)