Track/Land access Road is shown but not possible to navigate


I recently added a Track/Land Access Road that has been established in a local forest near me.

One of the roads the forestry services build, was an extension of an existing road. I mapped the road using a GPX file to get it right.

I basically “cloned” the information from the existing Land Access Road, but now over a week after, it is not possible to navigate the roads I added.

I have never tried this problem before and have been mapping other roads with success.
What am I doing wrong?

Which router are you using, and what vehicle type?

It seems to be working OK for GraphHopper with the Foot profile, for example:

Routers can take quite a while to update so maybe whichever one you were looking at had not yet updated with your recent changes.


If Way: 1220523353 | OpenStreetMap is the track in question, it’s marked as motor_vehicle=no, so no, you “can’t” be routed over it.

This was my bad. I did not notice that default for navigation was car.