Tracing a picture of a picture?

Hi, I took a picture of a scale drawing of a building on an outdoor information plaque:

Is it possible to trace this? The drawing on the plaque might be copyrighted but my photograph of the plaque is my own work so I’m not sure which applies.

(Obviously, I would fix the lens and perspective distortion before using this, I just thought I’d ask if this is even allowed before I take the trouble.)

You only have copyright in the composition. The copyright in the map stays with the original owner.

It is probably an infringement just to take the photograph (incidental inclusion of copyright material is normally allowed (although I think even that is a complex area), but this is the primary subject).

If you would have the permission to use the floorplan, you could use JOSM + PicLayer

Thanks, I’ve emailed the management of the building in question but I don’t have high hopes of them replying (or even understanding what I’m on about, it’s in Bosnia you know :roll_eyes:)

Escada, thanks for the tip with PicLayer, I didn’t know that.