Town Lane SL7 2FP

I keep trying to download TOWN LANE onto Openstreet maps.

I save and download but it never appears when reopening Open Street Map.

Town Lane is the No Through Road from West Street to Riley Road

Any suggestions?

Hi Tony, I gues you are referring to this road:

It is in fact part of Openstreetmap and shows up on the main map as shown in that link. There are many online and offline maps and apps, though, that all might display roads differently. What map or app are you using where the road das not show up?

By the way: service=no_through_road is not an established tag. Please have a look at the key’s wiki page for commonly used usages. If you want to mark that traffic cannot go through you might find an appropriate barrier to tag that fact at the appropriate position on the road

Also in general tag values should be lower case if they are not an explicit name.

Hi Tony,

There are various options, but probably the best is one of the access tags:

  • access=destination (=no entry, except for access)
  • motor_vehicle=private (allows people to walk through, but should only allow private access; downside this also stops routing for, say, delivery drivers).
  • motor_vehicle=destination (as the first, but restricted to cars, motorbikes, vans etc).

I see from the Bucks Free Press that there are bollards at the Riley Road end; adding these at the relevant place would stop people getting routed through here. The bollard should be part of the road, and tagged as barrier=bollard. You could also split the way at that point (right click and scissors icon). The bit from the bollard to Riley Road could then be changed to highway=pedestrian.

Please note that routing software may take some time to get updated, as they update at variable period from the core OSM database.

Lastly, as someone who used to shop at Waitrose in the (good?) old days, I have no idea why people think trying to cut this corner off is a good idea!


Jerry aka SK53

Hmmm… From I don’t see any access restrictions for this street. barrier=bollard at Riley Rd is correct (

I’d also question if this is a highway=service. It is the “main” access road for all houses in this street. So in my opinion this is a “normal” highway=residential.

I got the impression that SK53 has local knowledge.

However, the unusable source quoted does show a very clear “No Through Road” marking, and the way the dropped kerb is handled suggests private road to me.

My guess is that the owners of the road are trying to implement an access=destination restriction, in a way that discourages people without sufficient local knowledge from rat running it.

Before acting on any of the above, please ensure that you either have existing local knowledge, or survey the road on the ground.

My guess is that such a survey would result in: