Town hall


I am new user, I would like to improve some place.

I look on the wiki, and there is specified we can use the Amenity=Town hall.

But I am not able to select it in Amenity icons on potlatch 2.

Does we identify this building by another item or how specify it ?

Thanks for your help

amenity=townhall is correct, and when you select “show all” you see the icon and can drag it onto the map.

Or you add a node, click on “advanced” and enter amenity=townhall manually.

Thanks Chris66,

I found the icon for a POI and correctly add it.

But in fact I were looking to apply this amenity property to the building (as the wiki say it is possible to apply on POI and on building area). And it seems not be possible :

Uploaded with


I’m no so familiar with potlatch (I’m using JOSM), but you can select the building,
click on “advanced” and then you can add any tags you want, like amenity=townhall.

Thanks, you are right

With advanced option it works