tourist cabins, mountain hut, shelter, etc.

Which keys and values should i use to denote places/items alog a hiking track?

In particular i think of
hotell, motell, camping site or similar.
mountain hut, cabin, etc. (with service, with self service, with no service).
wind shelters, (usually 3 walls and a roof). good for a break during the day, usually not for staying over night.


hotel , camp_site and motel are already defined for the tag “tourism”, so I would just extend that with some additional values.

I think you wish to map more than the tagging scheme has currently. I’d propose them if I were you. I don’t think a hotel and a wind shelter should be muddled up, cause some people might be anoyed on arival.

ok, will propose a few, can i do it right here or should i send it somewhere else?

anyway, here goes the proposals:
tourism:cabin (simple accomodation, comparable with hostel only in mountain areas or similar) *1
tourism:wind_shelter *2

  • it would also be very good if there was a possibility to add more information about cabins, such as:

somewhat similar to what the norwegians do, please see:

The definitions used in norway are very helpful when planning hikes, however i do not know if similar systems would be applicable in other parts of the world?
for sure, sweden uses a similar classification, the norwegian is more informative however.

for wind shelters there are basically two types i come to think of. open and closed.
shelter_type:open (3 walls and a roof, for those who know swedish/norwegian i think of:vindskydd/gapahuk. fireplace usually in direct proximity).
shelter_type:closed (similar to shed, 4 walls, roof and door. very small and simple cabin, sometimes with a stove for heating, 2-4 people can stay here, should not be used for over-night staying unless necessary), observe that “closed” should not be interpreted as locked in this case.

i could provide ideas for icons, please let me know where i can send them.


The current ‘social’ state of the forum is (unfortnately perhaps) such that proposals, bug reports/fixes and development discussions have better places in the other OSM media such as the wiki (for proposals) and the dev- and talk-mailing lists (bug reports/fixes and development discussion)

So you best put this in the wiki and announce your proposal in the talk mailing list.

They may not be tourism, but they can be classed as buildings better I think. I would suggest adding cabin/wind-shelter etc to the recent building= proposal personally.

I actually like the idea of just discussing it in here and adding it, I’m getting bored of OSM’s burocratic wiki now.