Tourist attractions by hs4rtu

I have noticed a load of single nodes all west of Khon Kaen by mapper hs4rtu where the tourist=attraction tag has been used but with no name.
The fact many overlap and are dotted about randomly in villages makes me suspect they are not genuine attractions. Perhaps placeholders for future tags but nothing has then been added.
This mapper started 5 months ago, then stopped and posted nothing for the last 3 months
If I dont get answer to my message or comment within 24 hours, can Johnny or Stephan delete them for me en masse.
I did a few before I realised the scale of the additions

created_by MAPS.ME android 8.2.9-Google

1752 edits. I wonder whether should be permitted to let users add pois nilly-willy like that.

That is: he stopped when he saw the mess he created?

But honestly, he could have done all that in error. My impression is that he tried to add shops. Some of them twice - likely because they were not visible yet on the map. And then came the update of, and he saw …

Is the User Interface of available in Thai?
Are there some people in our community writing Thai well - and also know how to communicate in Thai style, not Western style literally translated into Thai? (I can’t do that.)
It’s actually a shame for us that we cannot make such people useful members of the mapping community.

The user appears to be active again. Has anyone managed to reach out to him/her?

Done, see their latest changeset 65286735; Thai/English bilingual comment since I’m not sure which language they could read.

Anyway, @Russ McD, the changeset you originally commented on was this one, right?

In case the stream of edits continued, it would be perfectly reasonable to escalate this to a 0-minute block because of its sheer amount, and the fact that they might not be check their email. (Someone might need to email DWG if it came to that)

And maybe also mass-revert as the last resort if all failed.

P.S. List of all changeset discussions on any edits by this user could be found here.

I don’t think the user will ever get to see these comments:

created_by 	MAPS.ME android 8.4.9-Google

I have come across many rubbish “contributions” from I think something needs to be done about them.

All of his edits (at the time of this writing) seems to span through 2/3 of Khon Kaen province, with few edits crossing over the province boundary:

It took me very long to reach the bottom of the edit stream. (Pascal Neis’ Your OSM Heat Map with Mapnik basemap seems to fail me for a while now, so I used the main OSM edit history tool instead)

Some sampling reveals that a small (very small) fraction of his edit came with plausible tag and/or place name; so this should be taken into consideration too when a mass-revert takes place.

For the main issue, I’m willing to wait 3 days for the mapper’s response, counting from the timestamp of my changeset discussion comment (posted 2018-12-08 12:29:21 +0700), before notifying DWG; which I already drafted an email for that.


Thanks for continuing the work on this user.
I think strongly that we not need involve the DWG on this particular problem as it involves the reversion of a lot of changesets. I think we have the skills locally with Stephan or Johnny to simply do a mass edit, deleting any node by him that does not contain a name=* tag.
So, by all means, wait three days … then lets do it.
Peter (Beddhist) - is this something you can do too as it seems like you have an interest in data emanating from

NB : I would add that the effects of was raised several years ago, prompting comment then at

Sorry, I have never reversed an edit and I doubt that I have the necessary access. I just mentioned, because I have come across many nonsense contributions from it.

I think any mass-edits or reverts will have to involve the DWG. I suspect they are the only ones who can do it. IIRC there is a revert plugin for josm.

For info someone mentioned it to us a few days ago - see . I suspect we’ll need to revert quite a few of their additions but wanted to give them a few more days to reply (or not).

There’s possibly some valid info there - is a mini mart tagged as a tourist attraction. If anyone’s near any of the named ones it’d be good to get feedback on the others. The unnamed ones are pretty useless though.

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