totally new


I am totally new to this type of software and I would like to know how I can use it .

I explain myself.

  • I am going soon on the Chemin de Compostelle ( Camino de Santiago) and I have found on openstreet map an itinerary which corresponds exactly to the one I am going to do ( Moissac → Aire sur L’adour)
  • How can I use it ?
  • What type of software do I need to have to see the itinerary on my IPhone or Android phone ?
  • Can it help me connected to the GPS of the phone to find my way ?
  • what kind of options can be useful to a person walking like me on this itinerary?
  • I have been searching a bit but… : is there a tutorial to understand all the functionalities of Open Street maps ?

I apologize for these basic questions but your help would be appreciated

thanks in advance for your help


This is what I would do…

I noted from your link above that I needed a copy of the relation with id 1110400.
I started JOSM (an editor for the openstreetmap), selected file>download object and selected relation for the object type and 1110400 for the object id, then selected download object.
Under the ‘Windows’ tab in josm, I selected ‘layers’ and a box opened listing ‘Data layer 1’, I right-clicked on ‘Data layer 1’ and chose export to gpx and saved as ‘Via_Podiensis.gpx’
…and here it is if you want to download it instead of going all the steps above
or here

Next I would find an app that allows you to use open street maps on your phone and import the gpx track to follow and there are probably plenty of them.
…unfortunately I have no app to do that on my iphone, but you may find one and if you have an android phone , you may find the osmand app is capable, but I don’t know.

Fortunately I do have a garmin etrex 20/30 and I am able to download openstreetmap from one of the providers on this web page I usually use the Lambertus or BBBike sites but many more would also be suitable for me. I copy the .img file into the /garmin directory on the etrex and enable only this map.

I then copy the .gpx file into the gpx folder on the garmin. The garmin allows me to display/navigate the gpx track.

The osm maps are easy to load into the garmin gps receivers and there are plenty of different models to choose from but unless you really need a dedicated gps, I would try the smart phones first as you probably already have one and they are getting pretty good at providing navigation. Battery life is about the only limitation.

Edit: I noticed that this method produces a gpx with separate track segments for each individual way in the osm and they are not ordered from start to finish on the track.
This should not matter if displaying the track on a map to follow but may matter if you want an app to navigate the course with arrow and/or voice prompts?
There maybe a program to reorder the segments into a .gpx with just the one line from start to finish?
Maybe none of this matters?

Edit: Same route via hiking.waymarkedtrails as suggested by 4rch
This is a much easier way to get a gpx.

thanks so much from france

I am trying to use an app which is called Visorando and they told me that if I have a gpx trace , I should be able to use it

I am going to use the one you provided and keep you up to date

Try OsmAnd app for android, it can display hiking routes from OSM data witohut any extra preparation.

You can download hiking routes from OpenStreetMap via
→ select your route → click on the “GPX” button

Thanks very much

this site seems to be indeed very interesting

it has a lot of itinerzries of the the Camino de Compostella

do you know if there is an easy free program I can use to visualise and use this on my smartphone

I tired with a program called Visorando but when I import the exported gpx file, it only gives me the last 50 kms of the 170 kms itinirary ?

do you have an idea ?

See the OSM wiki about Android or iOS … there are collections with all OSM related apps, where some can display GPX files.

Personally I’d recommend Locus Map (Google Play Link) + offline map data from OpenAndroMaps:

But I’ve never tried to import such a long GPX track.

Further links:

I am total lost

Can locus map import gpx traces ?

Do you know of an easy one which can import and use gpx traces ?

I wonder whether it would be better for you to use a dedicated GPS device for such a long trip. They are typically “waterproof”, and you can easily switch batteries, so you can easily walk all day. You can use OpenStreetMap based maps on e.g. Garmin (see or and it is very easy to copy a GPX trace from you computer into the correct folder on the device.

I was thinking the same with such a long hike
There is a terrific bargain on the Garmin Oregon 600 at the moment from online shop REI until the 25th.
Noticed also on the page that Garmin products can only be shipped to U.S. addresses so you would need to use a package forwarding service for outside the US

How are you progressing with this?

I have a simple free app called on my iphone for which you download openstreetmap data (map) for your area which you can then use offline and save battery power when using. There is a android version too.

It does not use gpx files but can use kml
I used a free utility called GpsPrune to convert voie-du-puy-moissac-aire-sur-ladour.gpx to a kml, then emailed the kml file to myself and was able to display the track on the osm map.

Here is the kml…
It is a much smaller file than the gpx so you might wish to do it again with more options and check that it does follow the route you want.

This is a fairly simple process if it works for you.

Thanks very much

I have uploaded the program, downloaded the files you kindly prepare

I can see all on my smartphone.

How can I use it now ?

Once I am on my journey, can I link these maps / itinerary to my GPS position and get eventually indications where to go next on the path ?

Thanks again for your help

If you can see the kml track on the map, that is all you need I think. The app will use the gps chip in the phone to show you where you are on the map (marked by the blue arrow) and you just follow the kml track.
I would also have a paper copy of the route too and notes about what things you want to visit on the way and just use the kml track as a guide to stop you getting off track and lost. On such a long trip, you still need the paper copy backup in case the phone fails, runs out of power or is damaged or lost. A map with the route highlighted, maybe just zoom in on the osm route and print out the png files via the share button on the right side.
You could load those images to the phone too or just zoom in to the track and take a photo of the screen for each section needed but the app shows all the map anyway.

You could get more sophisticated apps or a garmin, make a route and get arrow guidance and even a turn by turn voice guide but you’ll have to do a bit of work to get all that up and running and probably spend some money along the way.
To me, all that is just unnecessarily complicating your trek. I think you only need to look at the map on the app, see where you are in relation to the kml track and just follow the kml line, remembering to enjoy the scenery and not miss any bits worth a diversionary walk along the way. That’s all I do using my etrex.

I would create a few hiking tracks around your local area and load into the app as kml files to familiarise yourself with the app and it’s shortcomings before you go because you will need to do plenty of walks anyway to get fit enough for the long hike your planning to go on.

I noticed when you click on the star (bookmarks) that it displays all the individual segments of the track but when you select one of the segments it appears to load the whole route anyway which is preferred I think.

This is an excellent app to plan a route and you can save as a kml too. Just enter a name for the track, enter fullscreen, select the walking icon, and select points along the route (unchecking ‘follow roads’ if necessary when going offroad), exit full screen when finished and save as kml or whatever. You could redo the route you want to take using this app and include all the diversions you want to make too.

Thanks a lot

It helps me a lot