I am running into tortilla makers (tortillerías) all over the place and need to give them the correct attribution. As of right now, I am using bakery=yes, and then adding the name(which usually says "tortillería in it), and then adding a note, stating specifically what it is. Is there a better way to give it a more accurate attribution or, even better, a way to add tortillería as an option, as it is so common in all of Latin America?

If anything, I’d suggest using shop=bakery rather than bakery=yes, because that’s the generally-accepted tag for a bakery and your objects would be more widely recognized by data consumers. The bakery=* tag has been used by some people to describe the specialties of bakeries, so you could additionally use bakery=tortilleria to describe the more specific nature of the bakery.

I would have expected that we have something like cuisine=tortilla in the OSM wiki at

but no such description so far there.

And a search on about cuisine or cuisine=tortilla or tortillas in general gives no result that you can say there is any established tagging in the whole OSM database.

Is anyone participating on this thread still around? I am trying to propose a tagging system with shop=tortillas as the main proposal. I think tortillerías don’t translate well from spanish to english as bakeries. The “tortilla shop” translation is more accurate and needs a proper tag. Additionally, a tag for the main ingredient could be a good idea (corn, wheat, etc.)

Please tell me what you think.

I think we’ve had similar issues with pasticcerias (common in Argentina as well as Italy and creperies which make crepes for bulk sale, not restaurants using crepes for a specific cuisine (this is one where my Uncle buys crepes Similar issues will apply to any culturally significant food staple which is so popular that people buy it in specialist shops rather than making it themselves or buying in more generic places.

There are :

  • 569 shop=pasta for pasticcerias.
  • 1 each of shop=crepe & shop=creperie. Despite suggestion of using cuisine tag, there is only 1 bakery with cuisine=crepe
  • 5 of shop=tortilla & 2 of shop=tortillas

I would recommend shop=tortilla to keep the same form as shop=pasta. Note many people commenting on these tags will not live in places where these are culturally significant, and to extent their views can be discounted.

Yes. shop=tortilla is also considered in my proposal draft. If you could help with this process, I’d appreciate it. I am having a dsicussion in the Users:Mexico forum section with user mapeadora, we’ve been having this conversation on and off for years, and we need to put it to an end.

I appreciate your input. It helps a lot to clarify this situation when you use other examples of regional cases. It may be as simple as trying to see bread as a more regional food. As you need bread to make some sandwiches and other stuff, you need tortillas to cook tacos and other stuff. It’s a case of a base ingredient but also food by itself, with a variety of styles and presentations.