Нова организация на движение в Манастирски ливади - изток


Някой по-запознат с платформата би ли могъл да нанесе посоките на движение на улиците в ж.к. Манастирски ливади - изток спрямо влязлата в сила от 15.05.2023г. организация?



Имате ли информация дали целия квартал е зона 30 и дали знаците за зоната са поставени?

Знаците за зона 30 мисля, че все още не са поставени, само тези за посоките на движение.

Току що добавих еднопосочните улици. Ако не се показват, натиснете Ctrl + F5.

The speed limit zone signs are also up, although I don’t know how big the zone is. The eastern limit of the zone seems to be ul Boyan Petrov, while looking west down ul. Charles Champaud I didn’t see an “end speed limit zone” sign. There seems to be a 10T weight limit in that zone too. Tags to be added to the streets in the zone are

Crossing Ivan Kirkov/Boyan Petrov looking north

Thanks for the photo! The borders of that zone are quite clear from the plans. The only missing “border” is near Sharl Shampo. There should be signs on Sharl Shampo between Kostenski vodopad and Boyan Petrov or on Kostenski vodopad near the junction with Todor Kableshkov.

You mean this junction? Indeed coming from Kostenski Vodopad, turning right into Charles Champaud (that’s how his name is spelled in Latin script, I already corrected it :slight_smile: ), there is only a weight limit sign on the ground, no speed limit sign. So you can enter the 30 kmh zone through that way without seeing a speed limit sign.

I’ve updated it yesterday. The current extent of zone 30 can be seen here.

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Thanks. The weight limit sign is at the western end of Way: ‪Шарл Шампо‬ (‪1175649395‬) | OpenStreetMap so I assumed that a speed limit zone sign will be added soon and that way is not part of the zone.

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