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А какие в Польше community guidlines что им кого-то надо за деньги обучать? Или я Марека не правильно понял?

Мне вдруг вспомнилась история Люблинской унии.

Я думаю, что главный community guidlines был принять всем новые СТ и лицензию.
Или это про рисование с чистого листа?

The people responsible for changes have realised - unfortunately now- the compexity of necessarily programming for the data in Poland. Why? Example: there is the way from the UMP project - only 2 points.
One OSM user see this small edge and add 150 new points. Finally we have the new, long way. The HISTORY of this object know: It is the UMP object.
When somebody has only one UMP point, ist it UMP object. When You do copy paste the object parameters in Potlatch and use unfortunately for copying UMP object You produce other UMP objects.

Since 2006 a lot of user did this, because it was absolutely legal.

Now is it not more legal. And the maker of deleting software say us: If you want better analyse and deleting of data, pay money. It is to complicated for me, I´m tired.

To tell You the truth: On the one hand I can fully understand him. It is complicated. On the other hand: OSMF people should know, what they do. Such difficult project need more analyses and test running of the bot software.

It is easy to destroy the map and damn difficult to build the map up.

I don’t understand why people earning money with the OSM data are whining
about paying money for developing a bot (or remapping).

Well, I would be happy to get 10 cent for my OSM contribution. But nobody of us got money for that. We everybody do it and spent a lot of our time, because we simply want to make the OSM maps better.
The suggestion was, to pay for less destroying of data. Simon said, he was tired and irritated.
Anyway - it was definitly not nice and thoughtful.

Польша импортировала нарисуйку и теперь расплачивается. Всё было предсказуемо с первого дня, шаловливые ручки программистов в очередной раз огорчили мапперов целой страны. И не вижу, зачем откладывать перелицензирование — на #osm-dev правильно говорят, после робота восстанавливать проще, чем до него.

Poland has imported lots of incompatible data (and don’t argue that people have agreed etc, I don’t believe someone didn’t warn you abouth this) and now pays for it. Everything was predictable from day one, a couple of impatient programmers have ruined the fun for all Polish mappers. And I don’t see why relicensing should be postponed: aside from “we warned you a year ago”, people at #osm-dev say the truth: after the bot has processed the area, it is much easier to restore data, than before it did.

нефиг массовые импорты делать. уже тысячу раз об этом говорили

Давайте конструктивно подходить.
Я вот с удовольствием порисую Польшу и рисовать по 100500 улиц + 100500 домиков в общем то не беда. В Польше так в Польше, к тому-же в гости собираюсь осенью с кататься и самому карта нужна.

Только, Марек, вы же понимаете, что улицы то заграничные маперы нарисуют, а вот названия иностранцам брать негде. Надо как то организоваться, интервенты рисуют геометрию, местные расставляют пои и названия с адресами или еще как-нибудь.

Чё, поделим Польшу с немцами?

Вместе с Польшей OSMF пока не жрет Калининградскую область


Может им MapCraft предложить для координации?

Well Zverik, I never made import of such data, and the most of users in Poland as well and I don´t cry :laughing:.
I like ruins.

The idea of licence changing came after imports of data (2009). Before this time ump import it was fully legal and ok.

Of course, it was predictable, but the changing of this data amount is not so easy.
Nothing against relicensing (of course - frequency 55% but 89% said it is ok.).
The problem of democracy is still: 89% of 55% likes it and the rest have to respect it.
The problem with such decisions is always the loss of trust in the project.

This is the true consequence of licence changing. And not the loss of data.

Уже есть такой:

Of course :wink: In my point of view is the reason for this help avoiding of gaps for long distance navigation for international travelling. The second one is to show the friendship between communities. It is also the possibility to build contacts between communities. It is not the right topic for this words, but I see wide field for more cooperation, especially in changing of ideas and software development.

Izhl, not again :stuck_out_tongue:

We have lost about 21% of information in the country and need approximately 1 year to achieve old coverage.
We have repaired 10.000 km ways in 4 days, but of course the first days are most intensive.

We are working on an editor which should allow the automated recognition of objects from images. We hope this could be the way to make the drawing of some objects more precisely and faster. Of course, the mapper have to collect attributes of such objects.

I saw a lot of edits of Russian users in Poland.

Thank you everybody for the help!

We have now also masstracks: http://masstracks.media-lab.com.pl/$z/$x/$y.png


For Potlatch2 users:
there is a new background for drawing in Poland:
Masstracks from the company media lab.
Just choose the background in P2 and use Poland-Media-Lab fleet GPS masstracks.
If You use it, please write source=Media-Lab masstracks

У Болгар нашел симпотичный просмотрщик автобусных маршрутов http://dev.ivanatora.info/spirki/