Каква је то квака са променом лиценце?

Колико видим има дсота људи који се буне због промене лиценце на ОСМ. У чему је ствар?

Bascially, the license change (and to be clear: + the implementation of the Contribtor terms) was made for two reasons

  • the old license does not protect OSM’s data in some countries. For example the USA with the “facts are free” law, meaning for example that the postition and the name of a restaurant is a fact, that can not be protected under a Creative Commons license. This is being solved with the new Open Database License (ODBL) where the OSM database is protected, not the single facts. Creative Commons was created for “creative” work like photos, songs, poems etc

  • the second problem was that formerly you,me, everyone,…was the license holder. If you as a consumer have specific license questions regarding some data in a region, you would have to ask all mappers first. Also, if there is any need to change the license in future, you will need an agreement from all, really ALL, mappers, even if they have added only one road in past and died some years ago. This is impossible…and we see this now and loose some data (0.8% of all nodes in Serbia - including the hocus pocus roads in Kosmet). The new contributor terms say that OSM can change the license in future to any other “free and open” license if 66% of the active mappers agree. So we will not have such a nightmare with data loss in future.

Back to you question: More than 340,000 mappers have agreed to the change. If you have so many people, then some are against everything. As of now, 409 have declined. But many are missing and do not respond. The 409 were really loudm nearly as loud as the people that have agreed.

If you want further details, please let me know

I tried to read all about new and old licencing and jsut got to the conclusion that it is all mangled in hard labnguage that noone can understand so that it must be fishy somehow :slight_smile:

Hm, I see no difference as facts stil stay free, and I cannot imagine law that could protect facts on copyright basis. Fact is not an issue in copright law.

I undesrstand now. Yes it is reasonable.

But when you mentioned Kosovo (by the way, full name is Kosovo i Metohija), is there OSM rule that pronounces it OK what happens with maps in areas such that one? I mean, foreigners are drawing maps and use it to enter false facts on the map and make false political statements. Anyone who tries to make corrections is threatened to be banned from OSM? Is OSM obligated to follow international laws or laws of the countries that are mapped?

Usual people only understand it when thinking about it 24 hours without interuption. But you may need a pack of valium or a bottle of rakija afterwards. Only lawyers can understand that without headaches.

OSM is not required to call Kosmet (I know the full name, it is just hard to write it for me) this or the other way. As long as it does not violate english law, it should not be a problem. As far as I know there is not english law that would prevent you calling Germany the “monkey island” or something similar strange. OSM usually follow the “on the ground rule”, meaning that it prefers to name things as they are on signs on the ground. Personally, I agree with you but I also understand that an issue which is unsolved internationally can’t be solved in OSM. Just today, they complained at the main OSM mailing list
They are alway so stagy (театралан?)

I notecied that Mike Dupont who comains. He is actuallz pazed to work for Albanians.
I find it unacceptable that people like him, act against internationallaw, declare unrecogniyed countrz as an fact and act accordingly.

They killed and expleed Serbis from their homeladn and now they claim it’s their’s. Kosova i Metohija souvereginty is chalenged and is about to be decided in the future. In meantime, they are forefuly renamig serbian toponymes anf falsely display them in albanian language, athougn thez never had albanian names.

But I am glad to see that discussion occured and thet there are still people who do support international laws.

So, this is not a forum for politics. As mentioned before, go down that line and you just hurt yourself and the effort put in here by the community. Those questions we can discuss elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Any other questions concerning the licences?

I am not quite clear. That means Mike Dupont can abuse OSM for politics and we are not allowed to question his acts?

And Mike Dupont will meet the fate of those that do politicking. All in good time, just be patient.

Any further queries regarding the licences, etc?

Since it is over, can we close discussions about licence change?

It is not over, OSM is still testing the software the will remove “bad” objects. But you are right, Serbia will only loose:
Nodes 13751, Highways 345, Other ways 36, Routes 11, Other relations 11

This is lower than 1% of the data. Worst is Australia. They will loose roughly 25%.

If someone can reach this three guys, the numbers would be much lower

Is it possible to list what will be lost, so that we can find out other sources and add those objects from scratch?

sure…switch to “BADMAP”

or see here

Због чега се границе Србије појављују на овој мапи као лоше?

the relation is clear (we have discussed it a while ago). However, the ways that form the border-relation are not clear.
One example
If you look who version 1 has created
you come to user weslito

The user has only made a small amount of edits so he was below my radar

I think it is worth that one of you send him a message in english and serbian. If it fails, we have alternative sources for the border

I’ve post info on my blog, so it will soon be visible all over the blogosphere, Twitter and FB. I also posted info at some forums. I hope it will reach them.

great Peđa. I have wrote many messages and contacted people on FB. If you reach some more, it will be really good for Serbia.

I found http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/dakics. He accepted new licence.

thank you very much Pedja. That is the “bad list”, you got number 3, very helpful.

Don’t care about h4ck3rm1k3, he will not agree.