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i suggest for Панельное_домостроение ( see wikipedia) tagging:

building:panel house

This building type ist often to see in Eastern Europe

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Это, типа, пропозал такой предлагается?

this is the first request - what tehe people think about this idea.

The other idea from users in Germany is - here example:

building:type=panel house

the first is use of building, the second is something like “архитектурный стиль”

There are some discussions in an earlier topic - http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=9215 Please post there.
There are actually hundreds builds tagged with this proposal actually in Russia.

Thanx fserges.
Do You have a kind of proposal as a result of this discussions?

Yes, but only for Russia, and it’s recommended there to make a normal, English proposal (no one cares, though). And it is widely used in russian cities, especially St. Petersburg.

Hi Zverik, thank You for this link. Interesting. But how can i find informations behind design:ref=* ?
I mean: what the hell is in http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/design:ref#values for example “1-528КП-40”

The idea behind Год проектирования design:year=* is very good.
We are working on the new specification for so called “OSM-4D”. 4D because time aspects and historic maps.

The working version http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:OSM-4D#Tagging_2 (unfortunatly only in german at the moment) has in fact the same function as design:year=* with http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:start_date

This page shows the main parameters of the series in St. Petersburg:
There is also a link to a user-friendly website http://domavspb.narod.ru where there are more detailed descriptions with photos.
Unfortunately, other cities do not have anything like that, because there is no enthusiast working in this direction. Information is often necessary to collect bit by bit with a variety of architectural sites, forums and blogs.

Hello Danin9
thank You for the information.
the Idea behind is absolutely cool!

We are workin on specification for roof typology: See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Roof_table#Tagging_Proposal
Some people are already working on the implementation of this roof types.