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What happened to the data on its journey from OSM to that picture above? What did you do to obtain and process the data? You’ve said “This week I got a full OSM extract” but presumably you didn’t download a whole OSM planet file - what did you actually do?

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Actually, I’d suggest leaving the conversation here, because it does demonstrate that what you were trying to do was actually possible (the fix, paraphrased, was “I tried it again and it worked”).

I do not fully consent with your explanation “I got a very unfriendly message” (I already explained that to you in a PM) and there is no need at all to “get very upset”.
And deleting your own messages breaks the thread history of course and makes it more difficult to answer (correctly) and I don’t judge that that is even needed.
There is certainly not any reason to delete your account. I cannot fully understand your usage of words as regret, clear negative sentiment or accused.
The one and only reason to guide you to a new topic is that your question gets the right attention, nothing more, nothing less.