Hi everyone.
I often translate name tags in bilingual regions, such as Eastern Ukraine. In this region, the default name tag always uses the Ukrainian name and the Russian name tag is in name:ru. Another example is the region of Transnistria, where Russian names are used as standard names while Ukrainian names are in name:uk and Romanian ones in name:ro.

Since place names are nearly always already translated, I have been translating mostly street names. (In Eastern Ukraine Russian street names are widely used.) To check the results, I always used and respectively.

However, seems to have changed the rendering of its localized maps. Street names are now shown untranslated, the default name tag is now being used. Does anyone know if this is temporarily? Is there any website offering pre-rendered maps that use name:ru (name:uk, name:ro) for anything, including streets?

I have also noticed Toolserver doesn’t render localised names. Probably, something broke :frowning:

Try to use Multilingual Maps Project:

The data on that multilingual map seems to be quite outdated. For example, this street has been completed and mapped in OSM months ago:
Regarding the toolserver, I suggest contacting the maintainer and complaining about this problem:

On z9 and smaller I’m seeing names I added last week, after some time of waiting they also appeared on more detailed zoomlevels.

Indeed, it seems like the higher zoomlevels are more up to date.

I suspect some caching issue, your road construction just finished :wink:

That’s indeed funny, because I emptied the cache yesterday and got the old road construction again, today I get the completed road after using the same method. But nice that it works now :slight_smile:

Looks like also has some trouble: