Tool for traveling salesman routing

For planning my survey trips I am looking for a tool that takes a list of waypoints and calculates the optimal route that includes all these points (traveling salesman algorithm). Input should be a GPX file with typically 20 to 40 waypoints but could be any common geodata format. Output should be a GPX track or any other common format. The service should be available online, as a Linux desktop application or an Android app.

Up to now, I found that Osmand and OpenRouteService can do that kind of calculation. I was not satisfied with the result from Osmand. The ORS web frontend seems not to offer traveling salesman but it seems that Vroom uses ORS as a backend. Unfortunately, I did not succeed to feed my WP list into Vroom. I also tried the ORS QGis plugin. The result is really good but using QGis is a bit of complicated. I would prefer just throw in the WP file and save the track.

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GraphHopper has a Route Optimization API optimized for the “traveling salesman problem”. Mapbox has a similar solution called “Route Tuner”. See their API documentation here.

There are certainly other tools that can handle this via an API.


I’ve used RouteXL with success.

It’s a commercial router, based on OSM data, free for up to 20 waypoints.

You can paste the waypoints as list of addresses or locations and download the resulting route as gpx.

Graphhopper does frustrate me with this behaviour. When I am planning a hiking route and adding vias, it recorders them.

Is there any way to turn it off?

@H, @mcliquid,thank you four your answers. I had a look at both RouteXL and the GraphHopper API but finally decided to stay with the ORS QGis plugin. It seems to offer the best overall effort/benefit balance in my case.