toll roads

Dear all!

I have a strange behaviour when routing OSM maps from on my GPSMAP 62s (firmware 2.90).

There is a toll road in Austria, Felbertauern-Tunnel
that the routing algorithm of the GPS device tries to avoid by any means. It suggested ~20 U-turns during my approach, calculated HUGE circumnavigations just to avoid this tunnel. After having crossed it, the unit again found the direct route to my destination perfectly.

On my GPSMAP I made sure to have set “avoid toll roads: NO” in the routing - avoidance options, so I expected the device to be allowd to take that road.

Why does the unit still try to avoid this road like hell?

regards, Sulla

is your device set to “car” mode?

There is a bicycle=no on this road.

Just a guess…


Thanks for your idea, my device is set to “Car/Motorcycle” mode.
Bicycle = no is definitively correct on this road. Does mkgmap translate this correctly?

The full setup is:
Guidance mode = on road for time
Calculate route for = Car/Motorcycle
Lock on road = yes
Off road transitions = manual
Avoidance setup: U-turns, Toll roads, highways = do not avoid
Avoidance setup: unpaved roads, carpool lanes = avoid (although we do not have carpool lanes in Austria (Europe: ?)

regards, Wolfgang

Did you install the map also in MapSource/BaseCamp?

You could check if the error occurs there also.

I see no routing error with my self generated mkgmap-Map in BaseCamp.




No, I did not install the map via MapSource, I just uploaded the gmapsupp.img file to the memory card on the device.
I’ll try that in MapSource when I have access to it tomorrow…

Just to check again, on my GPSMAP 62s, I set up a route
from point 1: Lienz
to point 2: Kitzbühel

The shortest road is via the toll tunnel, namely 92,5 km and taking 1:31 hours(according to a route planner that I use for comparison).

Instead the GPSMAP62 calculates a route via Brixen in Italy, Brenner, Innsbruck, Wörgl to Kitzbühel, a route which is roughly 263km in length and a 3:23 hours drive. Almost as if the Tauerntunnel did not exist.

This is strange.

On the other hand, a route from Lienz in Austria to Ljubljana in Slovenia is calculated by my GPSMAP via another toll tunnel, the Karavankentunnel (, which is indeed the shortest way. So SOME toll roads are taken into account, just not the Tauerntunnel.

This is strange.

My conclusion is that it must have something to do with the OSM.

Are there differences in these 2 tunnels?

Regards, Sulla

Ah, I checked the other direction. From South to North is also not working for me in BaseCamp.

I just reported this error to the mkgmap mailing list.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for trying this, I did the opposite, I routed from north to south on my GPSMAP 62 device: This works, no error (just as in BaseCamp).

Thanks for reporting this to the mkgmap mailing list (I am not subscribed).

It would be great if you would be so kind to post here if (and when) this problem is being delt with (and hopefully solved, I guess this might not be the only case this problem appears).


I think I found the error:

in the previous version of way
it was a motorway and motorways are oneway=yes by default. :wink:

So with the recent osm data the error should no more occur.


Hi Chris!

All right, I see, so its no error in mkgmap.
Well, in real life the road is a - in German - Autostraße oder Schnellstraße - in Englisch this would be motorway or expressway, I guess.
So, it is closed to some traffic, e.g. bicycles or tractors or pedestrians or mopeds but it is open in both directions.

I don’t know whether OSM maps can contain additional info, just in case (I don’t (yet) have an OSM account, perhaps you can add it): There is a 24/7 bicycle shuttle (bicycles will be loaded on tunnel-maintainace cars), and there is a tractor passage serivce during night hours (from 23:00 to 4:00, where the tunnel can be closed to normal traffic to allow the passage of tractors).

So, probably it would be correct to set “bicycle = yes” in the OSM map?


Yes, or another possibility: Map a parallel way named “Rad Shuttle Dienst” so that users of routing apps
get usefull hints.

Without these changes the bicycle route is over the mountains:,12.54913,47.28345,12.49094&travel=bicycle&styleId=1&opened_tab=1

Edit: I mapped the shuttle with a parallel way now.