Toll Exceptions

Hi Community,

I am Julian from and we are currently trying to calculate toll rates for trucks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Roads following regular toll rates were already mostly correctly tagged following the schema described in the Wiki
However, in each country there are multiple exceptions with special toll rates.


Now I wanted to add tagging to make it possible to compute tolls for these routes correctly.
Has anyone tried this so far? Is there tag that already exists that we can use?
If not I wanted to suggest a tag similar to the tag “toll:name= Name des Mautknotens”.
“toll:special= Name des Mautstrecke”.
For example “toll:special:Großer St. Bernhard”.
Then anyone who wants to compute the tolls or display the toll rates for the given route can use the name from the tag
to lookup the special rates that apply.



PS: We first tried to simply use the name from the tag “name”. However, the routes for which the special rates apply are sometimes longer than just the street/way with the corresponding name.

AFAIK, nobody did it before because in general it changes too often, there are too many different categories (car, motorcycle, car + caravan, truck) to put the fees in OSM.

I doubt your idea of simply adding a tag is ok. Wouldn’t a a relation in which the different ways (e.g. just before the tunnel, the tunnel and after the tunnel and both directions) are placed be better ? Such a relation-type does not exist at the moment.
The only tags we have is “fee=yes” and “barrier=toll_booth”

Thanks for you answer.

I am not planning on adding the whole fees tables to OSM. I only want to put the information about which ways belong to which toll section into OSM.

So if I would use a relation it would only have basic information like this:

name:Großer St. Bernhard

And then contain all the ways belonging to the toll section as members.

probably best to add route=road so it will not be mistaken for a hiking route.