Toggling/Editing/Customizing Labels and Layers

Hello all,

I’m pretty new to OpenStreetMap and was wondering whether you could toggle certain layers on and off or otherwise edit them (perhaps in a custom layer), such as minor roads and rivers. Also, can you also toggle or edit the labels, such as route labels (such as, for instance, the “I-15” in the Standard layer or “(USBR) 70” in the Cycling Layer?

Can you also edit the map key on these as well?

Plesse read this:

Start editing step by step and remember that OSM is a database, all saved changes are immediately visible on what is only one of several maps.

The OSM database doesn’t have layers. If you want a custom rendering, you should install and run your own tool chain or use a commercial service for this purpose.

Or you can take a look at the list of Tile Servers, whether there is a style you like more.

Or you can use one of the many Mobile solutions. OSM is so much more than the default style.

There are also several solutions to print out a map, e.g. MapOSMatic