Toevoeging van de Translate-extensie aan de OSM-wiki

Hallo, nederlandstalige gemeenschap.

Dit is een aankondiging dat een verzoek om commentaar op het voorstel om de Translate extensie toe te voegen aan de OSM Wiki is geopend.

De Translate extensie biedt een vertaal gebruikersinterface, semi-automatische vertaling, vertaal voortgang, en andere functies die het proces van het vertalen van pagina’s significant verbeteren ten opzichte van het huidige vertalingssysteem.

U kunt het voorstel hier bekijken:

This is notice that a request for comment on the proposal to add the Translate extension to the OSM Wiki is open.

The Translate extension provides a translation user interface, semi-automatic translation, translation progress, and other features that significantly improve the process of translating pages over the current translation system.

You can view the proposal here:

Thanks for the head’s up. Feel free to stick to English though; the Dutch translation of your post feels robot-ish.

Would you happen to have statistics regarding the number of pages that have a Dutch translation? I get the impression that most of us Dutch mappers don’t really bother with documentation in Dutch on the wiki except for pages that go into Dutch specifics. Because most mappers here have at least a passable proficiency in English, any translation effort would suffer from the drawback of having only a very limited impact. The few mappers who wish to ask questions in Dutch about certain topics tend to find their way here anyway.

Key:access is one of the few exceptions I know of. It currently differs from its source page in several places, so the authors of that page might want to chip in.

Best of luck: I strongly suspect that many translated pages are years behind their English source pages.

Yes! You can see statistics wiki-wide about translations of a specific language and even make page groups (for example, all tag pages) and see the completion statistics among those.

This page lists all Dutch translations.

Some are fairly up to date, but most of those follow a depressingly familiar pattern (example): someone initially translated a page years ago, with the last actual content edits done over five years ago. More recent edits are limited to bots and wiki-gardeners amending categories etc. Updating these pages would take a hue investment of time, because you have to compare them with the source page. This translation maintenance pitfall will start to bite the global community as more and more pages fall further out of sync with the source documentation.

For these pages the proposed translation plugin would be a marked improvement.

Even with a page that is kept more or less up to date, like Key:cyclestreet, we fall into the same trap as the Polish community: equating language with locality. The Dutch translation only mentions the country-specific guidelines for Belgium and the Netherlands, while the English version also adds information on Germany, Finland, and the tag-abuse in the US. So if a Dutch mapper wants to know the full story, they would have to visit the English page anyway, making the Dutch translation seem pointless.

I have really used only one Dutch page over the years:

And NL specific wikiprojects (not in the list and Dutch only):

The rest is fine when reading in English, which I prefer to read in English instead of any translation (human or machine). Translated pages run out of sync and I don’t want to second guess machine translations.

Yes, as long as the English pages remain available (i.e. no automatic forwarding from EN to NL) and country-specific pages remain possible (like the Dutch traffic-sign-to-tag page) I think it would be a significant improvement.