To transform OSM data to the real map?

Is it anyway to transform OSM data to the real map?

Yes, but can you tell the detais? Do you want a printed map? Or zoomable online map?

This really affects the tools you will need.

Thanks for your reply.
We want to produce OSM offline map for bike computer. We need to have tile map to be preloaded in bike computer. Please guide us how to do.

Which Bike computer do you have ? A Garmin ? Then you can use maps from the providers list on this wiki page.

Please note that there are often problems with the website. I personally like the BBBike site the best.

If you do not have a Garmin, look at this wiki page on mobile devices to see whether your device is listed. AFAIK, it less likely to find OSM maps for other brands of bike computers.

Thanks for your feedback.
We are new developing company for bike computer.
We want to produce OSM offline map for bike computer aparting from other tool.
Does it anyway to reach this purpose?

What are the capabilities of the device? Does it run Linux? Android? How big maps - region, country?

There are libraries that allow you to display offline vector maps, like Mapbox GL (for which you have to generate vector tiles elsewhere e.g. using OpenMapTiles) of Mapsforge (Which doesn’t need hardware acceleration unlike the former).

Thanks for your feedback.
Our OS is free RT OS, and the size of map is country.
Please let us know whether anyway to display offline vector maps.

And hardware specs (CPU, RAM)?
I guess if you want to use FreeRTOS, then your device has few hundred KB of RAM at best? (judging by typical usage of FreeRTOS)
In that case, you are not likely to deliver a map that will be very usable - just look how much a display frame buffer will take.

Consider changing your CPU to a more modern one, I know there are AllWinner CPUs with 64 MB of built-in RAM, which is workable.
In that case still, you will need to develop your own map rendering solution or adapt Mapbox GL if it’s possible.

Long story short: what you want may be feasible, but 1) you will likely need a slightly more porwerful hardware 2) you will need some development effort (preferably by someone with experience writing mapping apps), this won’t be copying/pasting from StackOverflow and code examples. :wink:

Thanks for your sharing.
Our CPU is MT2523G(M4) and RAM is 4MB.