TMC location maps

New user here. I’m trying to reuse my old GNS GPS+TMC receiver but the app i planned to use(Mapfactor Navigator) seems to be unable to parse location data from the TMC stream due to a lack of location tables. In some European countries like Italy or Norway the location data is freely available (Italian TMC tables can be found here and for Norway this is the link to visit Is there any way to import the dat files into OSM so can freeware/open software can use TMC data?

The first hurdle will be establishing the licensing terms for the data and whether they are compatible with the OSM licence.

If you get past that, policies on mechanical imports vary from country to country, so you will have to clear it on each affected country’s local policy mailing list.

The italian one is supposed to be open to everybody implementing TMC(the radio part uses TMC crypto on one radio channel which requires proper licensing and open access on another set of channels)

There already exists an import project and import helper tool:
It is not an automated / mechanical import and requires some work.

The map data needs to be open to everyone, not just those implementing TMC, re-publication must be allowed, and special arrangements need to be made if there are attribution requirements. The nature of the licence used of OSM is that data can be re-purposed and used in ways for which it was never intended.

I also think you may be confusing radio spectrum licensing with copyright licensing.