Tips for printing educational playing cards


my girlfriend wanted to make some cards to learn all countries of the world and their capitals because she couldn’t find something complete to buy (If you know of a finished product available please tell me!). She started to download maps from google images and made a layout in word with 8 cards per A4 page to print. As you can imagine, thats not really a funny way to do it and the result is not very nice as the cards look different for every country. She paused that for the moment and said to try again in november when she has more time.

As she has her birthday end of october I thought about doing it based on Open Street Map to surprise her with it. My state of knowledge after some research today: there is the data and various different renderers.

My question:
which software would you use to do the following.

**Print 1 card per country (format of classic playing cards) **
Side A: country name and a very simple map (country borders, a point for the capital, maybe huge rivers/lakes, water in blue, land in green, maybe rough coloring of the height above sea level,…).
Side B: name of the capital and additional textual infos

I’m java developer so it should be possible to script some code. Tilemill looks promising. But before I try 3 different things, I thought I ask someone with experience. Please help :slight_smile: