Tips for new OSM mappers (Thai-language)

Can any fluent Thai writer adapt and translate message below and post it in the Facebook group ?

The goal is to :

  • prevent new mappers to start changing major highway classifications on their first days of mapping (this happens more and more)
  • welcome new mappers with some basic directions
  • emphasize communication is important (google translate should be sufficient)

Any suggestions? concerns?

Tips for new OSM mappers:
- ask any questions in this group
- read the OSM and Thailand wiki (using google translate)
- use the default id editor and try the excellent “Start the Walkthrough” 
- start mapping locally and slowly
- add things missing around you e.g places, street names, missing roads, buildings
- select “I would like someone to review my edits” so maybe someone experienced will give you some feedback
- respond to changeset comments using google translate
- if you are unsure how to tag something, always ask the community first or the previous contributor 

When you are more confident, you will be able to:
- pay attention to different imagery layers and alignment
- modify existing tags from other contributors to reflect the situation on the ground
- engage in discussions with other mappers through changeset comments
- respond to questions in this Facebook group

However, please do NOT change complex things like major highways classifications and relations.
Leave this to experienced mappers, your changes may be reverted and your account may be reported for vandalism.

Are you able to read some Thai?
Well, Google Translate may be not so optimal…

By the way, how much experience did you gain in your likely well-mapped home country before you did your first Thailand edits?

I’m concerned of the possibility of resolving this issue.
There are still few reactions in the Thai OSM Facebook Group, and I believe these new mappers will not read anything in the FB Group.

BTW, I can translate it and post it to the group, but I think we should wait for more responses in this topic from others.

How would new mappers join OSM and on the first day start changing major highways classifications? Would they work for the government or a company and are asked to make specific changes?

Typically a new mapper starts adding and updating places/roads in their local area, a few rare cases are clearly intentional vandalism.

But I see a pattern recently of new mappers making major changes right after joining.
Did not happen one or 2 years ago. Example:,%22value%22:%22Natthawee%20Chutianusornchai%22%7D%5D,%22date__gte%22:%5B%7B%22label%22:%22%22,%22value%22:%22%22%7D%5D%7D

Another example of mapper changing classification, using no changeset description and not responding to comments:

My hope to reach mappers in the facebook group is that mappers should participate more in changeset comments and reviews, and ideally report potential issues in their vicinity.

Of which way did he change the classification?
He changed the reference numbers of some ways, but not the classification, of the ways I looked at in that changeset.
And he has not been active since your comment.

And what did Natthawee Chutianusornchai do wrong?
Work on major highways as a beginner? Well, dangerous, but not at all forbidden.
No one has to state why he wants to participate in OSM. Maybe the user is now too disturbed to return.

Why are you so fervent (or should I say: aggressive?)?
How many users were pissed off due to your comments and “vandalism repairs”?

Best way to respond to trolls? ignore them, don’t feed the trolls: