Time before receiving emails

What and who is affected by this issue/request?

In the settings you can set discourse to send you emails only when you’re away.

However, it considers you away after 10 minutes you are not using the website, effectively sending you emails all the time.
I feel it would be better to have this as a backup for when you actually don’t use the website for some time.

Expected behavior (i.e. solution)

I would prefer this time to be at least one day or maybe even one week.
I can always log back into the forum and read all the notifications anyway.
If it could be a choice it would be best, since so anyone could customize it as he prefers.

If someone mentions me, likely a response from my side is expected.
So I want to know about that as early as possible.

For me the existing setting is fine.
So it might be a feature request to upstream to have the time span configurable.

I am also not convinced, that the threshold time to detect absence from the website is the setting OP really wants to have tweaked.
Maybe it is more into the number of mails sent and minimum time between consecutive mails?

Yes, I would prefer let’s say, a daily digest.
If someone is waiting for a reply from me, they can wait one day without me having to be notified all the time.
If I wanted to be notified all the time, I would enable the setting to send me emails for all notifications I receive.

Maybe this is a feature request for upstream.

I saw that it can be configured how many mails per day a user can receive. But it would not help you here in case the mails just arrive all at once.

I guess the request is something like:

  • If I need to be notified send the first email immediately (or maybe bundle together mails from a few minutes around that time)
  • do not send any additional mails for the next X hours, but bundle them into a digest mail

So the feature request would be for a debouncing and bundling of notification emails.

If you are not interested in email notifications at all, then you always have the option to set them to “never” in your preferences. They would still display if you log back in to discourse.

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Yes, but also the time frame is relevant to me actually.
The problem is this: I will close the website for more than 10 minutes (which is not a lot).
Open the website again and read all notifications.
Open my email and find a lot of new mails about stuff that I have read already and am not interested into.

I do want to have email notifications after a few days I am not reading the forum, not immediately.

As there is no configuration option to adjust this, the best way would be you describe the feature request as detailed as possible upstream on the discourse site.
Once it is implemented, it can be configured accordingly also on the instance serving OSM.

I can clearly see that you ask specifically for a user-specific configuration of the debouncing value. I would explicitly ask to get an email immediately if I got a response or mention.So a site-wirde configuration would not help.

While waiting for an upstream solution, I would recommend that you review your email notification settings. Maybe you do not need email notifications at all and the weekly activity summary would do it for you.


I didn’t notice that option, that is exactly what I want… Thanks a lot and sorry for wasting your time.

That is already available by setting the option to “always” and not to “only when away”.
Anyways, defining staying 10 minutes off the website as being away is quite strange to me, it’s basically the same as having it set to always.