Tiles Reversed - Wrong Side of Street

Hi All - first post here so hope I’m in the right place for this question.

When I zoom in on my block the houses are on the wrong side of the street. I jumped into the editor to see what was going on and the underlying Bing satellite data is transposed from North to South.



This looks like a problem that I’m not sure I have the access level to fix.

Any tips for getting this problem corrected would be much appreciated.


I’m not sure I understand what the problem is. Can you explain what you would expect to see?

The imagery matches the other available backgrounds. They do tend to come from just a couple underlying sources, but I think it’s unlikely they would all have the same serious error.

Is the problem maybe that the addresses are on the wrong side of the street?

Facepalm x 10000. I’m so sorry for wasting everyone’s time. I was zoomed in so far that I confused the street with the alley. That’s why I thought the tiles were transposed, I was seeing pools that looked like they were front yards, etc…