Tiles@Home and BOINC?

I would like to contribute to Tiles@Home, but I’m already participating in other projects that all use a common management console. That management console is BOINC (www.boinc.org).

Will there ever be a BOINC compatible version of Tiles@Home?

The advantages are that it allows me to determine how much CPU I want each task to use and how much time I want to devote to each process rather than all of my contributing programs having a free-for-all on my system.

Last time there was a discussion on this, maybe a year ago, the problem was that the BOINC requires all tasks to be self contained executables, i.e. they can not download the map data separately.

It could be possible, but would require rewrites to bundle (and send) the drawing software (osmarender) and the data for one tile - from scratch for each and every tile to be rendered. At that time the bottleneck was mostly in the server side of the process and constantly sending bigger packets would have been a bigger burden than coping with (then) current amount of tiles@home clients. For many tiles the data overhead would have been quite high vs. tile data size.